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Pressed Flower Coasters, Set of 2

Pressed Flower Coasters, Set of 2

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Each coaster is handmade by me, which means that every one is slightly different and unique!  Pressed flowers are set between two layers of epoxy resin.  The bottom layer of resin is dyed by me and the top layer is clear to showcase the flowers.  

Each set comes with packaged with two 4-inch coasters of the same color/design.

As with all handmade items, there may be slight imperfections such as small bubbles.  I use real flowers which means each coaster is unique.  

Care Instructions: Keep epoxy resin products away from heat sources.  Wipe with a damp cloth to clean.  Avoid cleaning sprays and submerging in water.  Not dishwasher safe. 


Birth Month Colors

January: Red

February: Purple

March: Light Blue

April: White

May: Green

June: Purple

July: Red

August: Green

September: Dark Blue

October: Pink

November: Yellow

December: Light Blue

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