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Whit Olsen, a dedicated pressed flower artist, brings the beauty of nature to life through her meticulously crafted botanical compositions, each piece uniquely different. She enjoys creating original pieces, pressed flower jewelry, and custom designs which preserve the customer’s own special blooms as a keepsake for decades to come.

Whit’s love for florals began in her childhood, with her mother owning a flower shop and cultivating a beautiful garden at home. Her fascination with the vibrant colors and delicate forms of flowers blossomed into a lifelong passion when she discovered the art of pressing flowers in 2019 after her husband made her very first flower press as a gift. Both her and her husband enjoy growing and expanding their perennial garden at home and she loves to select blooms from her own backyard to press and use to create her artwork. 

Whit’s artistic eye and skill for flower pressing has given her the ability to preserve the intricate beauty of flowers in her artwork. Her artwork can be found online as well as at the Zion Wildflower Resort in Virgin, UT and the Liminal Shop in Provo, UT.  She also participates in many local craft markets including the Beehive Bazaar (Provo), The Creator’s Collective (Lindon), Market Lane (Various Locations) as well as others throughout Utah and Salt Lake Counties.  

Whit has also shared her knowledge with others at flower pressing and designing workshops online and in person. She loves to teach others and get to know those interested in learning more about pressed floral art. 

Whit lives in Orem, UT with her husband, two sons, and dog named Bob.  

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