How Do I Ship My Bouquet?

Shipping your bouquet can be very simple! Overnight shipping is necessary to ensure that your bouquet stays fresh. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts.


Do keep your flowers in a vase with water before shipping.

Do ship flowers as soon as you can after your event.

Do choose overnight shipping.  If that is too costly you can choose 1-2 day shipping, but it may result in your flowers wilting more during travel. 

Do prepare your bouquet properly. Wrap the stems (only the stems) in a wet towel. Place a plastic bag around the towel to keep the box from getting wet.  Do not place the plastic bag over the blooms. Add crumpled paper or packing peanuts to fill any empty space inside the box. 

Do place your flowers in an upright box and make sure the shipment is marked as fragile.

Do remember that the cost of shipping is not included in the preservation price and you are responsible for this payment. 

The bouquet can arrive any day of the week. I recommend using UPS as they have the best rates and service. 


Do not place your florals in the freezer before shipping.

Do not wrap your entire bouquet in plastic.

Do not use any plastic packing material, stick with paper, paper towels, or packing peanuts

Do not have the shipping facility package your bouquet for you.  They may use plastic products or not take the care that you will. 

Do not use a styrofoam cooler to ship.

Do not expect every piece of the bouquet to be used. I will select the best greenery and blooms to make something beautiful for you!

Do not require a signature at delivery, as I may not be present and they will keep the package with them. The delivery location is safe and checked often.