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Floral Keepsake Necklace

Floral Keepsake Necklace

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Whether it is blooms from your wedding bouquet, flowers from a special occasion, or to remember a loved one who has passed on, keepsake necklaces are a great way to preserve your florals in a piece you can wear daily.  

Keepsake necklaces are made with 14k gold-filled chain and bezel, crystal-clear resin, and small pieces of your pressed flowers. Chains are 18 inches long and bezels are 11mm in diameter.  

*Note: flowers are best pressed while still fresh.  If you have already received your flowers please complete the form ASAP so we can discuss whether or not your blooms can still be preserved. 

Birth Month Colors

January: Red

February: Purple

March: Light Blue

April: White

May: Green

June: Purple

July: Red

August: Green

September: Dark Blue

October: Pink

November: Yellow

December: Light Blue

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