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Birth Flower Paperclip Necklace

Birth Flower Paperclip Necklace

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These small 6mm pendants look beautiful alone or in a collection of colors representing birth months, friendships, etc.. Additional pendants purchased will be added to original necklace

This necklace looks great with just one pendant or several!  Each pendant is evenly spaced and placed to lay flat against your skin. 

Made with real flowers and crystal-clear resin set in a 14k gold-filled bezel. 

The paperclip chain is 18k gold-filled and 16 inches long with an additional 2-inch extender.  

**This necklace is sold with one pendant, additional pendants can be purchased here and are on sale through April. 



Birth Month Colors

January: Red

February: Purple

March: Light Blue

April: White

May: Green

June: Purple

July: Red

August: Green

September: Dark Blue

October: Pink

November: Yellow

December: Light Blue

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